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Here’s the business selling process. You can find out what to prepare for and what to expect. The following information is basic steps of business selling for businesses for sale.

1. You must determine the fair market value of the business
The business value really depends on the type, the age, and the location of the business. For more accurate information, we highly recommend discussing values and amounts with your business broker, attorney, or loan officer.

2. Preparing all books and records for prospective buyers. No one will buy your business without due diligence. …

19 Reasons to Send Press Releases and Promote Your Business

Robert Smith Communications
  1. A major milestone in your business (2,000th customer)
  2. Appointment to a respected board
  3. Approved or endorsed by a major partner, or agency
  4. Articles published by or about you
  5. Books or other publications you are mentioned in (I’ve been mentioned in 3 books)
  6. Books you have written (Includes ebook, etc.)
  7. Company anniversary
  8. Company, service, or an employee has received an award
  9. Contributions to a charity (time or money)
  10. Employee retires after a long career with your company
  11. New business hours
  12. Free classes, seminar, or workshops you are presenting
  13. White paper, case…

There is a great issue over which fairs better between sponsorship and advertising. Both are marketing tools that strategically apply to different situations. There are, however, usual times when a business is faced with choosing between both of these tools.

What sponsorship accomplishes over advertising is in the establishment of qualitative attributes. These attributes include brand image to consumers, generating awareness, and consumers choice of such brand.

With sponsorship, as compared to advertising, the following feature it builds includes the following:

· credibility refers to the integrity that sponsorship builds

· image enhancement

· relevance to lifestyle

· prestige that…

Get Publicity for Your Corporate or Virtual Events

Organizing corporate or virtual events can be exciting and interesting but also stressful and nerve-racking. This is especially true when corporate event managers are faced with a dilemma in balancing the need to create an enjoyable and beneficial event, and at the same time entrusted with the responsibility to create publicity for it. The last thing you want is negative feedback about your event.

Robert Smith speaking at Internet Marketing Conference

Nevertheless, if the right approach is used, creating publicity for corporate events will become an easier task to manage. …


Life is good now, but it wasn’t always that way.

Born to a 17- year- old teenage mother Robert Smith was definitely not born with a silver spoon.

In 2002, Robert was working in the basement at the local library where he made $5.50 an hour putting barcodes on books, tapes, and magazines.

Long hours and crummy pay.

After 6 months he was promoted upstairs to the circulation desk and his income rose to $8.65 an hour. With a wife and 4 young children, he felt trapped.

While working at the library he read and listened…

Robert Smith

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